EpiscoGolf 2005

The 10th annual EpiscoGolf tournament was held on Wednesday, August 17th at Province Lake Golf Club. A beautiful day, a magnificent golf course, and 134 enthusiastic golfers all added up to an outstandingly successful tournament. 162 attended the dinner which made for a very festive occasion.

This year was very good as far as hole sponsorships – 41 in all. This, in turn, resulted in the largest amount of money made since the tournament's inception. $6400.00 has already been allocated, including $1000.00 for children victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I wish to thank all of those who participated – especially Jim Keating and Peter Campbell for providing so many players. I also want to express my appreciation for the work done by Chris Sherwood, Vivian Moberg, Anne Leach, and Sharron Feeley at the registration table. And last, but not least, my treasurer and confidante, Dave Moberg. All of these folks and their support of the parish and Fr. Peter Faass made for one highly successful day. The generosity of the Little Family Foundation was heart warming.

Following is a list of the winners:

Marilyn Dodson, Chairperson








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